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 UHILL's team of lawyer and paralegal obtained legal degrees from UBC and Chinese law school, as well as RCIC immigration consultant and senior network engineer who have worked and lived in UBC for many years. We keep our clients' information absolutely confidential and provide you with efficient and professional legal services.



Qiu Xiaomei

Founder & Lawyer

Email: qiu@uhilllaw.ca

Julie Qiu received her LL.B. in 2002, and LL.M. in 2004, both from Renmin University of Chinese Law School. She achieved her Juris Doctor from Allard  Law School of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2021, and called to the bar in B.C. in 2022. While attending Allard Law School, Ms. Qiu completed the Business Law Concentration Program and specialized in immigration, real estate, family law, wills and estates areas.

After many years of working at the Nanjing Arbitration Commission, Ms. Qiu founded and successfully operated an international e-commerce company and immigrated to Canada as an entrepreneur in 2014. After settling in Canada, she aspired to become a Canadian practicing lawyer and serve the community. After completing her J.D. at Allard Law School, she chose to practise in Vancouver.

Ms. Qiu is committed to helping clients who intend to immigrate to Canada to successfully immigrate, live and work in peace, and pursue and realize their proposals. To this end, she set up the first law firm on the UBC endowment land to provide professional and efficient legal services. Ms. Qiu is mainly engaged in immigration, real estate, corporate law, wills and estate. She is good at providing clients with convenient, practical, cost-effective legal services.

Ms. Qiu is a practising member of the Law Society of B.C., and is volunteering at Access Pro Bono.

You can verify her practising information through  BC Law Society.



Wu Sijia


Scarlett Wu received her LL.B. from Kaiyuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014, and  obtained her Chinese Lawyer Certificate in 2016. She achieved her J.D. from Allard Law School of UBC in 2021.

During her time in China, Wu Sijia worked in the legal departments of Blizzard and Tencent, an internationally renowned game company, engaged in corporate law, intellectual property and contract law. She has worked as a lawyer in a well-known law firm in China, handling civil and commercial cases in many fields such as marriage and family, labour disputes, intellectual property infringement, and business investment.

While attending Allard Law School, Ms. Wu focused on Internet, Immigration, Real Estate and Family Law, attending hands-on courses at the Rise Women Legal Clinic in B.C. At the same time, she worked as a paralegal in a law firm in B.C. and accumulated specific experience in handling cases.

Originally from Shanghai, China, Wu Sijia may serve clients in Shanghainese. She enjoys calligraphy and swimming in her free time. She hopes to help clients solve their legal problems and uphold their legal rights through their professional knowledge and skills.

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Yan Lizhi

Cooperative Immigration Consultant

Irene Yan is a registered member of the Canadian Institute of Immigration Consultants (CICC) and a registered member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

Irene graduated from Xiamen University with a Master's Degree in English Language and Literature and has worked as an English teacher at a university for a long time. After immigrating to Canada, she worked for many years in non-profit organizations that provide settlement services for newcomers, with extensive community work experience. Irene is familiar with the education system of B.C. and the UBC University community, with a deep foundation in English, she is good at finding the most suitable immigration path according to the needs and actual situations of customers, formulating practical study abroad or immigration plans, professionally and efficiently completing the paperwork and document preparation required for your application, and ultimately helping you realize your dream of studying abroad or immigrating.

Irene's Certificate of Immigration Consultant is R711301 and her practice information can be verified at the Canadian Institute of Immigration Consultants (CICC ).

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Liu Quan

Co-founder &CTO

Quan Liu is the co-founder of UHILL Law Firm and a key leader of the technical team. He previously worked in the management and development of large Internet companies.
1993.09 – 1997.06, Nanjing University of Technology Work experience:
2002 – 2007 Beijing Donghua Software Co., Ltd.
2005 – 2006 Motorola Nanjing Branch
1999 – 2002 Neusoft Group Co., Ltd




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