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If you have questions about fees or procedures, please contact our office at 1-236-983-9000 or email Our lawyers does not provide a free consultation regarding legal matters. In B.C., only practising lawyers can provide you with relevant legal advice, and our office cannot provide you with specific legal advice during the consultation process.

Privacy Information

You will need to bring a valid ID and fill out the information collection form we send you, a lawyer or immigration consultant will authenticate you before the consultation, and based on the information you provide, you will be given the appropriate initial immigration plan. You may bring documents related to the case that will help the lawyer or immigration consultant handle the case for reference at the time of consultation, but the lawyer is not responsible for reviewing your specific documents at the time of consultation.

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We are your first choice for your multifaceted business needs. Our team, with professionals in the fields of immigration and real estate, combined with unique resource advantages, will choose the best solution for you to help you achieve your goals according to your background and needs.

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