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Company establishment


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Company establishment

In BC, Canada, due to the nature of business, tax considerations and risk concerns, you can choose to operate a business in the form of a sole proprietorship (Sole Proprietorship), a partnership (Partership) and a limited company (Incorporation), you can choose which one you choose first. Consult our lawyers. We can apply for the registration of Canadian federal companies and BC provincial limited liability companies (Incorporation). Registering Canadian federal companies requires that 25% of the directors be Canadian permanent residents. There is no requirement for foreigners to register companies in BC. Our specific services include:

  • Company name application approval
  • Complete and submit the company registration application form and prepare the articles of association
  • Prepare the shareholding agreement
  • Obtain the Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation)

If you need to consult and handle, please contact our office first to provide the information needed to apply for registration. Company registration is generally completed within 5-10 working days.


During the business process, we can help you in the following areas:

  • Review leases and franchise agreements
  • Due diligence after signing the sales contract, check the seller's tax payment status, financial credit and whether there are other violations, etc.
  • Complete the transfer procedure

If disputes arise during this process, we can assist in communication, mediation and preparation of litigation.

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Equity transfer

In business mergers and acquisitions, you can choose to buy equity or buy assets, which method is more beneficial, please consult a lawyer first. In equity transfer, we provide the following services:

  • Drafting or reviewing equity transfer agreements
  • Review the Articles of Association and Shareholders' Agreement
  • Preparation of resolutions of directors and shareholders
  • Prepare a new share certificate
  • Completion of updated filing of company records

For equity transfer in small businesses, we generally charge a fixed fee. If there are many documents that need to be reviewed by a lawyer, we will charge on time. Our lawyer's fee is $200/hour.

Contract validation

Our attorneys have a professional background and experience in commercial law, and she can draft or review various types of commercial contracts for you:

  • commercial lease contract
  • Equity transfer contract
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • partnership agreement
  • Company shareholders and board resolutions

Welcome to contact us for consultation first, please do not send any contract documents to us before consultation.


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