Real Estate

We have a professional and efficient team to help you deal with your real estate matters.


Real estate

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Real estate

Our team will provide you with high-quality and efficient legal services to live and work in Canada, and help you successfully complete the conveyance for the sale and purchase of real estate including:

  • Review important documents in property sales, including purchase and sale contracts, mortgage contracts, brokerage contracts, etc.
  • Check the title of the property, including verifying registrant information, mortgage information, inquiring about the seller's loan financial institution and the amount owed, etc.
  • Sort out the fees and handover, before the house handover, calculate the various fees that should be paid by both parties, the commission paid to the broker and the balance of the loan, and pay off all kinds of payments after the house handover
  • To ensure the safety of clients’ funds, the law firm’s trust account is regulated by the Bar Association and is guaranteed by insurance
  • Complete the title registration procedures at the real estate management department

Depending on the complexity of the transaction, we charge different fixed fees for Residential Conveyance, please contact our office for details.


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