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Making a will

Without a will, after your death, your property will be distributed by a court-appointed administrator in accordance with the provisions of legal inheritance, which may go against your true wishes and lack protection and support for minor children. If there are immovable properties in multiple countries, these immovable properties will be dealt with in accordance with the inheritance law where the immovable properties are located. For example, there is a fundamental difference between the legal inheritance order of China's inheritance law and the intestate inheritance order of British Columbia, Canada.

You can avoid the legal situation of intestate succession by making a will so that:

  • Designation of estate beneficiaries and distribution ratios
  • Appoint a suitable person of trust to administer the estate
  • Appoint guardians for minor children
  • Allocate specific property to specific beneficiaries

There are strict legal regulations and legal procedures for the drafting, signing and modification of a will, and it takes effect after the death of the testator. Our attorneys have expertise and experience in the field of estate law and will answer all your questions during the will making process, keeping the information you provide strictly confidential.

If you need to apply, please contact our office to make an appointment first, and then bring your valid ID to consult and apply. The lawyer needs to meet the testator separately and understand his true wishes.

power of attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document authorizing another person (principal) to act on your behalf. Through the power of attorney, the principal can directly make a decision to handle your personal affairs or your property in the event that I am incapacitated and unable to handle my own affairs.

The power of attorney is divided into two types: personal care and property. The power of attorney is only valid during your lifetime, so if you need to deal with your estate, you still need to make a will.

The fee for our attorneys to draft and witness a Power of Attorney for you is $160 excluding tax.

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Probate and Administration is a judicial process in which a court of competent jurisdiction regulates the distribution of an estate. Probate is essential with or without a will. If a will is left, the distribution requirements in the will are followed and the probate process is shortened considerably. If there is no will, the court will ensure that the distribution of the estate is carried out in accordance with the terms and procedures of legal inheritance. First, it is determined that the deceased has no will, which heirs, and which properties he has, and then the legal heirs need to be notified, and the property shall be distributed in a certain proportion according to the law. The process can take years. The involvement of the Public Guardian and Trustee may also be involved if there are minor children.

Probate is a procedurally complex area of ​​law and you are advised to consult our attorneys for legal advice.

Other business

We can also help you with personal property gifts, vehicle ownership transfers, etc. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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